"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

***Heavy Burden in Dark Days

        The world is in darkness. This country is in darkness. I've never felt this burden this heavy on my heart. If I were someone who doesn't know Christ, I probably wouldn't feel it so intensely. Despite the repeated warnings God has been giving us through Mary our Holy Mother and other saints and mystics since the mid 19th century to this day about how we need to turn to him and repent or face chastisements (and some of the prophecies had already been fulfilled), we humans just tragically do not pay any attention and keep on sinning. The darkness began accelerating in the 1960s. We started seeing sexual liberation, divorce becoming common, unmarried couples living together, indecent fashions, immoral movies, legalization of abortion, increase in violent crimes, support of same-sex marriage, Satanic worship, etc. After more than half a century later, thanks to the complacency of the weak, lukewarm Church and people in general, the immoral ways have become acceptable to most of the world. It's in the last four years that the people of this country finally woke up to realize that evil had already infiltrated every segment of this nation except for those who live mostly outside of the big cities, work hard for a living, and are still honest, patriotic, and God-fearing. Although they still form the majority, the money and power are unfortunately not in their hands. The evil ones in control are the various governmental departments (with the exception of the military), courts at all levels, the majority of the news media, the academia, the entertainment industry, and the giant tech companies. The United States, known to be a staunch enemy of Communism, now appears to be on the way to becoming communistic! (This was warned by Mary too.) The burden is heavy on many of us. But don't despair, for God and truth are on our side. There is never a better time for us to choose sides.

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