"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

*****Abandonment-to-God Time

          Yesterday I blogged that I fell while walking. I felt OK at the time, but started to feel the pain afterwards. My left shoulder already had a tendon injury that had never completely healed, so I had been relying on my right arm most of the time. Now, after this fall, the left shoulder has gotten a lot worse; I could hardly lift the arm up high. My left chest is hurting too from the impact of the fall. I had a worse fall some years back. It was the right chest that got impacted badly; it took a month for the pain to go away. I expect it'll be at least a month this time, as I am now older. At a time like this, I must reprioritize my activities. I'll probably stop walking for a while and not do anything that requires the use of both arms. It is the time to pray even more, perhaps get in touch with some friends and relatives to tell them about Christ. When you realize that what you can do is limited, you can see that it is the perfect time to abandon yourself in God! This happens again when you are dying and see that abandoning yourself to God is the only sensible thing left for you to do. But why wait until such moments? Experience the freedom of letting go in God right now. We may suffer physically, but we are free to enjoy even more freedom spiritually!

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