"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Thursday, September 28, 2023

**Order of Business

        God hears us and will grant us what we ask for if we openly abandon ourselves to him. Asking for his help when we are really not ready to accept all his will yet will not work well. So the first order of business is to surrender your will to his, then ask for what you need to your heart's content. 

****Our Forever Relationship

        What I like about my relationship will God is that it's for ever. The Lord is the only one who can provide that, for he is most faithful and lives forever. We can never be happy with anyone, even if he's most trustworthy, who won't be around long. From God our Father, we'll always receive the very best for all eternity!

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

***Look Good to God Please***

        Many people do not watch what they eat nor exercise enough. So as they grow old, they look very much out of shape. It's rather sad. I thought that in spiritual life, this is like you don't believe in God nor pray. You just grow old and die. This definitely is not the way I want to go. The soul is infinitely more important than the physical body. We must absolutely take care of that ahead of anything else! It's fixing your eternity, not just next week, next year, or the next million years! So be wise and remain awake. You don't want to look bad before the Lord, disappointing and saddening him, not to mention your own plight!

***Key to Peace Everywhere***

        God loves and died for all of us. We must love others like that too. Hatred, contempt, and unforgiveness must have no place in our hearts. Amazingly, this is how we can attain inner peace as well as external peace in the world!

***Still Hard to Believe***

        Communion experience. Even after I have received the Holy Eucharist thousands of times, I am still overwhelmed by the fact that the Lord has allowed me to receive his own body and blood! I'll be grateful to him forever!

*****Process of Abandonment*

        It is hard to give ourselves up to the Lord God. Even if you are determined, it can still take some time. The Holy Eucharist can greatly aid us here. The important thing is to get started. First you open up to God and you start to experience some wonder. Opening up more, you experience more wonders along with more freedom and peace. As you let the Lord do even more for you, the going gets easier and easier. Finally, you abandon yourself totally in him and he makes everything effortless for you! Now you are completely free, experiencing unspeakable joy.

***Our Best Therapy***

        Repentance is a great therapy for us. It lets the Lord remove all your sins from your soul to make you clean. Now your worst burden is gone and your soul is ready to soar to him. Once you are forgiven by God, the whole world can hate you and it won't make a bit of difference!

***Are You Happy with Yourself?

        If you live for yourself, you're likely to get unhappy every time things don't go your way, and you begin to dislike yourself. This is a clear sign that you are far away from God. On the other hand, if you live only to please the Lord, you accept whatever happens to you as willed by him and you remain at peace. You know that he loves you and are happy with yourself. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

**Abandonment in the Lord

        Communion experience. I let the Lord's love engulf me and sweep me away. I am all his! 

***Most Foolish Act

        Whatever Jesus has said, we should follow, for it reveals his plan to save us from sim. To ignore his sayings is being most foolish, for it directly destroys our hope of being saved.

**Do You Really Know Jesus?

        In John 10:14, Jesus said, "I am the good shepherd, and I know my sheep and they know me." If you knew the Lord, you would definitely feel that special joy of knowing him. This is the joy for which the infant John the Baptist leaped in the womb of his mother Elizabeth, when Mary, pregnant with Jesus, first greeted her at her house. This joy tests if you truly know Jesus or not.

**God Takes Care of My Soul*

        The Lord who created me heals and purifies my soul. Furthermore, he will make my soul leave my body and head straight for heaven one day.

***Secret to Peace***

        When you remain obedient to the Lord, you enjoy a deep satisfying peace. You have that strong home-sweet-home feeling. Again, this is how the Lord has made us. Praise Him!

***Connecting with God

        We must listen to that small intimate voice of our conscience because that's how God communicates with us. So it's important to withdraw yourself from the world and enter into solitude from time to time. The Lord is gentle and it's easy to not hear his voice at all if you are occupied with your own mundane affairs at all times. Of course, if you are already in union with him, you hear him speak to you 24/7.

**What We've Always Wanted*

        Heaven remains the same forever, while life on earth will be over before you know it. Whether you realize it or not, deep down heaven is what we have always longed for and been searching for. Once you are in heaven, your life on earth would seem to be like an unmemorable dream you once had. 

***Growing-Old Consolation

        At Mass, I was amazed to see that younger men and women could kneel down and get up effortlessly without holding onto anything. I forgot that I was like that in my younger days too. Now, to do it, I have to hold onto something like a chair to help me accomplish the act. The good consolation is knowing that I am getting closer to meeting my Lord and Savior in person.  

Monday, September 25, 2023

**Moments to Treasure

         Every moment with the Lord is precious, but we should especially treasure the moments when our minds are clear, our bodies sound, and we are able to fully enjoy our union with him in his peace.       

***Most Beautiful Journey*****

        Communion experience. I entered the world, found Christ my most beloved and precious creator and Lord, and am now on my way home to him.