"So be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

**With Christ

        Communion experience. With Christ, all else is forgotten and all is forgiven. With him, heaven is brought down to us. Later, it simply gets lifted back with us in it.

***Our Dream Existence

        God can do so many things for us. He can forgive our sins. He can save us and lead us to heaven. He can guide us and teach us. And he can ultimate become our most intimate friend and one with us. All these things we desire and they are ours. In the parable of the lost son, the father said to the son who was always with him, "Everything I have is yours." Let us wake up to the reality that we are so blessed and in such a dream position to gain everything from God our most loving Father.

Monday, August 21, 2017

When Being Self-Centered Is OK

        The only time we are not considered self-centered is when we are concerned about our own soul, for this concern directly concerns God.

More Awesome Than Eclipse

        Today has been a big day for many Americans, for they got to see a total eclipse. I have seen an eclipse at least twice before, so I am not that excited. Besides, where I live, we only got to see a partial one. Now that we know astronomy, eclipse is a totally natural phenomenon. I am more amazed by the fact that we alway see the same side of the moon and that after so many years (millions and millions?) the moon still goes around our earth and our earth around the sun regularly. It seems that this would be impossible if the universe did start out with a big bang with its parts flying violently in all directions. Also, how did all those parts get to be so round? (I am going to ask God when I see him later.) Anyway, to see a supernatural miracle of the sun, read about the one that appeared at Fatima where Mary appeared to three children. It was truly awesome and showed the mighty power of God. 

No Escape for the Christian

        People go to a bar to drink, take a luxury cruise, seek any kind of fun, or just sleep or walk aimlessly to forget their problems, but such escapes from reality are only temporary. The advantage the Christian has is that because he already knows the reality of God, he doesn't need to escape from anything anymore. He is a secure person, knowing exactly where he is heading. With faith, he takes facing all his problems in stride. Wouldn't you rather be a Christian too?    

*Soul's Glorious Moment

        Communion experience. Partaking of the most holy Body and Blood of the Lord was a monumental moment for the human soul. I was at a loss for words when I realized how incredibly glorious it was for God and the soul merge and become one.

Obstacle to Perfection

        In today's Gospel reading from Matthew 19, from the advice Jesus gave to a rich young man, we see that observing all the commandments may make you holy, but if you wish to be perfect, Jesus advised the young man to sell what he had and give to the poor, and then go follow him. The young man went away sad, for he had many possessions. Attachment to material goods is the greatest, common obstacle that blocks us from following Christ with all our heart. We are not free as long as we cannot let them go. It may not be practical to get rid of all your material stuff, but at least if you are called by God to do so, you should be willing to comply. 

Worshipping the right God

        We all seek God. People worship the sun, nature, animals, mythical gods, self-proclaimed deities, or various idols they have created for themselves. Even atheists have their own god – they simply make themselves into gods to proclaim that God does not exist. What is important is that we worship the true God, our creator and beloved Father.

What Is Good

        Everything that makes us turn to God is good, including the fear of going to hell.

*Smart Use of Our Lifetime

        Whether you believe in God or not, every single one of us will have to appear before Christ sooner or later. Therefore, I see our lifetime as the crucial time to get to know and love Christ the Lord as much as possible.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

***Christ Our Safety Net

        Life hangs by a thread. When that thread breaks, Christ is the only one who can catch you to save you. Get that protection now before it happens.

*Surrendering to God Is . . .

no more than being open to God, letting him enter your heart freely without you in his way.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

**On Loving God*

        Today the Lord made me see that in heaven, loving him would require no effort on our part, but on earth, we would need help in loving him. Therefore, surrendering to him on earth is necessary.

Be Truthful Always

        We must mean everything we say at all times. Otherwise, we simply try to fool God who hates untruth.

Our Greatest Challenge

        God is always present, so we face the challenge either to accept him or to reject him completely. Ignoring the challenge does not make it go away.       

***Most Amazing Relationship!

        God is our creator, Lord, Savior, Father, brother, friend, guardian, spiritual guide, confidant,  and even servant. We worship, praise, and adore him, beg for his mercy, and at times argue, bargain, or laugh with him, even retorting to him, and he doesn't mind. This absolutely special, beautiful, and delightful relationship is only possible with our God, the God of Christ. And I most treasure and enjoy it.           

What We Must Do Urgently

        Sin hurts God. Every time we sin, we betray the Father and sadden him greatly by being unappreciative of his greatest love for us. Then sin hurts us, the sinners. It becomes a burden on our heart, robbing us of inner peace and impairing our health. More importantly, sin can weigh us down to the point that we lose God for all eternity. To get our sins removed by God is absolutely the thing we most urgently need to do in this life.

Friday, August 18, 2017

**"Whoopee!" Time

        Do you realize that when we surrender to God, we experience no enslavement, only freedom? Not only that, we are also raised to the level of being one with him!