"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Sunday, January 24, 2021

**Our Greatest Consolation

          Knowing that you'll have eternal life with God in heaven.

***How God Has Fulfilled Me

        Before I knew Christ, I was not a happy person as I searched for the meaning of life. I felt inadequate and wanted to be somebody. Even after I had accepted Christ, I was still struggling with myself. I wanted to do certain things, but wasn't able to for various reasons, so I was frustrated and saw myself as a failure. Looking back, I could have easily committed serious sins on various occasions, but the Lord had always held me back, so I want to thank him for that grace. We all want to be successful in the eyes of the world, but that certainly doesn't mean that you'll be happy. My first breakthrough came in the 1970s when I got involved with the Charismatic Renewal within the Church. It was the Holy Spirit who set my heart on fire as I searched for him. I was never the same again. The Lord God became alive for me and praying became spontaneous. The Lord made me see how easy we could progress spiritually when we submit ourselves to him. I became a happy person, but there's more to learn. In the last twelve years or so, the Lord amazed me further by drawing me deep into him, letting me know that he wishes to draw all to union with him through the Holy Eucharist. This blog was born. Of course, he teaches me the whole time right along. I finally feel that he has fulfilled me fully that my past doesn't mean anything anymore. When you possess God, all else is forgotten. He alone is more than sufficient for us!

Saturday, January 23, 2021

**True Wisdom

         I have seen this in certain elderly people. They reach the point knowing that they're going to return to the Lord soon and become unattached to the world. Unfortunately, most of the younger generation do not acquire this wisdom easily, as the world is still very much attractive to them. The whole process of spiritual maturation is about detaching yourself from the world and attaching yourself to God. Growing old can be a blessing. Foolish and sad is the one who lives and dies, remaining a worldling.

***The Perfect Prayer***

         There are thousands or more composed prayers out there. Many of them are inspirational and beautifully written, but many others are just too wordy, unfluent, and sound somewhat contrived. Of all the prayers available to us, the Lord's prayer taught us by Jesus himself has to the most perfect prayer. You cannot take away a word from or add one to it. If there is one prayer I must choose, this one has to be it. This is the prayer that defines our relationship with God. If you pray it unceasingly from your soul, it will transform you. 

**Worse than Gambling

         When you gamble at a casino, you have at least a chance of winning some money if you are lucky. But if you reject Christ and believe that you'll be all right, then you'll absolutely lose everything: money, body, and soul, in the end. The wise will not gamble with their money and never bet against God!

***The BIG Awakening!

        In today's reading 1 from Hebrews 9, Paul referred to the God of Christ as the living God. We know that there can be only one true God. Whoever says that all religions will lead you to the same God is pure nonsense, putting is mildly. Anything that sows confusion comes from the Evil One. First off, all the non-Christian religions contradict each other and Christianity. So if you reject Christ now, you'll have the biggest awakening coming to you after you die: you'll realize that you had rejected the only God. I thought it would be good to let all know this now. Of course, you can say that it's your belief against mine. But are you sure about your belief? I know that I am absolutely certain about mine as I've said before, "When God personally reveals the truth to you, you just know that it is true (no proof needed)."

*****Perfect Way of Living

           When you and God are in full union with each other, your will and his will become identical. So you accomplish your will through him while he accomplishes his through you. Now you accomplish the Lord's will triumphantly via his strength—the perfect way to live!

****Complicit in Promoting Evil

         The West Coast Walk for Life will take place in San Francisco tomorrow, followed by the National March for Life in Washington, D.C. on Friday, January 29, next week. Anyone who voted for the current administration which is 100% for abortion partook in promoting abortion for at least four more years, during which time millions of unborn babies may die. I am not trying to scare anyone, for this is reality, and you can always repent your sin to the Lord and be forgiven. It is also a reality that we'll have to answer to the Lord for all our doings. Promoting abortion in any way is going against God who created us in his image, no matter what you think.

Friday, January 22, 2021

**Only One Direction to Go

        Recently, I came to know some people who are exited about finding relatives they've never met or had met when they were still children. After making connections, they are now interested in learning more about all the deceased relatives they can remember. Somehow, I have no desire to delve into the past. Even if you can trace my lineage all the way back to Adam and Eve, I am not excited. Where I came from doesn't matter; it's where I am going that I only care about. Once Christ has set you free, you head straight toward him.

*****Abortion Is an Abomination

        Today is Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. As long as we approve the killing of the unborn, how dare we still ask God to bless us? Should God bless evildoers who do not repent nor change their ways? I think not. For an abomination such as killing the unborn, God will not bless you until you repent and beg for his mercy. Legalizing abortion lies at the root of the disorder of our nation. Let me quote what Mother Teresa said: "Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use violence to get what they want. That is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion."

***Most Horrible Ending***

           Good Christians are now being persecuted. There seem to be Judas everywhere. The division Jesus said that he had come to establish on the earth (in Matthew 10 and Luke 12) is now more clear than ever. The separation between those for him and those against him is sharper than ever. The faithful Christians are going through a horrible time, but this will pass for each of them individually. It's nothing compared to what the evildoers will undergo in the end for all eternity! Pray that they will realize this and turn to God before it's too late.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

**Three Days of Darkness

        This video tells how Fr. James Blount received a sign from Mother Mary foreshadowing Three Days of Darkness. Before that happens, I believe that Illumination of Conscience will happen first. 

**Freedoms, True and False

        You can do whatever you want in order to feel free, but this is false freedom. For you do not truly know what's best for you. In a secular world, what attracts you the most may very well be the worst for you soul. You'll realize eventually that one cannot possibly free oneself. You can find true freedom only if you follow Christ, the God who created you. There is no freedom outside of him; for we'll all have to go through him when we leave this world. He alone holds the key to eternal freedom. When you try to be you own lord, you'll end up being your own prisoner. Only when you let Christ be your lord will you find true freedom, for his sole intention is to liberate you from self-enslavement.  

***How to Become Strong

        You can choose doing everything by your own strength or doing everything by God's strength. I prefer the latter because (1) God is infinitely stronger than I and (2) he would be doing most of the work for me. It's so much easier to let him lead me with me just following him every step of the way. This is basically abandoning myself in him, which is basically letting him carrying me all the way. 

***Biggest Loser

        He is not the one who has lost all his money gamboling at a casino. He is not the one who has lost his whole fortune on the stock market. Neither is he the one who has lost his home and all his belongings in a fire and become homeless. Neither is he the one who has been rejected by his family and all his friends. The winner of the big losers is ... drum roll please ... the one who has lost his soul to the Devil!      

****Learning Directly from the Lord

        I have posted in the past that when you open yourself up to the Lord completely, he lets you know exactly who he is. No proof is needed; the knowledge is deposited right in your heart! It's a personal thing, for the Lord alone makes that possible—proof to me that he is real. In John 1, when John the Baptist saw Jesus coming toward him, he said, "Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of he world. He is the one of whom I said, 'A man is coming after me who ranks ahead of me because he existed before me.' Now I have seen and testified that he is the Son of God." How did John know all this? It's the Lord who revealed it to him. In Matthew 16, when Jesus asked his disciples, "Who do you say that I am?" Simon Peter said in reply "You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God." Jesus said to him in replay, "Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah. For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my heavenly Father." Again, the Lord had let him know that. Of course, all the greats saints knew God intimately. Here is sufficient evidence for you to believe in the Lord, if he has not revealed himself to you in person yet. The best way to know who he is is still to open yourself up to him to learn it firsthand from him. When you know him without a doubt, you are in union with him.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

***Need for Christ***

        Jesus, the Son of God, came into the world, did all the good works and performed great miracles, and still got crucified because he upset all the hypocrites and evildoers and was betrayed. Since we are just ordinary human beings living in this evil world, all the more we need Christ so that even if our body is killed, our soul will be safe.

**Lost Time

        Any time you spend doing things that do not contribute to drawing anyone, yourself included, closer to God.