"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jesus Is the Savior

        At Mass this morning, I felt that "Jesus is the only one I need to attach to.  Everything else in the world I can let go.  He's more than sufficient for me.  With him, my life is fulfilled." 
        On the way home over the radio, I heard more bad news as usual.  One story told how a government contractor hired Fiji women by telling them that they're going to Dubai to earn high wages, but in reality shipped them to Iraq to provide service for the military.  Over there they were abused, mistreated, and prevented from leaving.  The story that followed was about how many veterans that have come home are still suffering terribly from their war traumas.  Surely whoever started the war(s) must bear the most responsibility.  What saddened me are the greed, the utter disregard of human dignity and human life, and the lack of compassion for others.  Jesus is still being crucified.  But he is our savior!  People may not love him yet, but how foolish it is to not even worry about eternal damnation! 
        I want to shout to the whole world that we have a savior, who is our only bright hope in the dark world and who's all we need for eternal life.


  1. Jesus is only Savior. Anybody that believe Him, he/she will be given eternal life. It's promise. But, it's not easy to get it. We must struggle until the end to get it.

  2. Thank you, Saputro10, for the comment. Once you achieve union with God, which is the goal of this blog for all, there will be no need to struggle anymore because God now takes over. Basically, the more you let go in him, the easier your journey will be. God wants us to relax in him and not to struggle. The Holy Spirit is always ready to make things easy for us when we put our trust in him.