"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Announcement & Message

        In today's Gospel reading from Matthew 6, the Lord gave some great teaching.  It's about doing good in secret.  "When you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right is doing..." pretty much sums it up.  Basically, we are to please God alone and seek his acceptance and approval only.  Humility comes into play again.  The bottom line is that we need to be humble always.
        Due to an important family event scheduled for the weekend, I'll be away for the next four days.  Since blogging depends upon computer accessibility and the Holy Spirit, I do not know when I'll post next.  I know that this blog is not for everyone.  If you are a kindred spirit, you would enjoy reading it.  A nonbeliever may or may not be interested in reading all this spiritual stuff, depending upon where he/she is at on his/her spiritual journey.  If you think that reading these posts would benefit someone spiritually, I hope that you will forward them for the glory of God.  I shall remember you all in my prayers.  God is always present and forever loving us.       

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