"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Attending Daily Mass

        I have been attending Mass daily for over three year now.  Way back in the past, I did attempt to do the same.  Some of my friends attended daily Mass (this was at a different parish), so I thought it should do me good too.  But it didn't last long ~ I didn't feel I was getting enough out of it and besides, getting up early in those days was hard for me.  I already loved the Lord, but my thinking was more or less self-centered. 
        I am recalling all this because this morning as I drove to Mass, I felt that I had an important appointment with the Lord and was eagerly going there to meet him.  This time, definitely the Lord was drawing me.  What I pray is that even if I don't feel the draw, I will continue to go to him, for he always bless you extra for making the effort to please him and not yourself.           

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  1. Thank you. I have gone back and forth on this since I returned to the church, dependent on work schedules, health, how bad the winter is (I get a mild winter depression, plus the really bad weather days). I struggle to be consistent and to actively volunteer in my parish. Actually I always have one or more volunteer commitments in my parish, and go to classes the Dominicans offer. But all these things, as you point out, should not be just when you "feel" like it.