"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Let Only God Affect You

        If we do not have any quiet time or if we cannot stay calm emotionally, it'd be difficult for us to hear God's voice. I feel very sorry to see that so many Catholics or other Christians let others affect them so much to the point that their own faith starts to weaken. Some actual examples are in order. One woman's best friend was a devout Catholic, but when that friend discovered that she had views leaning toward feminism, the friend dropped her. Of course, that greatly hurt the person and affected her faith. Another person was shocked when a priest came to her home for dinner on a Friday during the days when they're supposed to abstain from eating meat felt like eating meat and dispensed with the obligation. This shook her faith. Another one remembers that she had a most abusive nun as a teacher in school and when the parish priest came and told the whole class that they're lucky to have a most saintly teacher who's going to heaven, all the kids couldn't believe what they heard. Of course, it's possible that the priest really didn't know the truth and saw it that way; but nevertheless, the damage had been done. Most likely everyone has something to tell that has affected their faith. (I shouldn't deny that there are many who have had good experiences that strengthened their faith. My wife became a Catholic mainly because she had a nun who treated her most kindly.)
        Let's realize that we are all sinners, religious or lay. See how perfect Jesus our Lord is because he is God, then we shouldn't be shocked by what all the sinners do any more because they are not God. Therefore, we need to focus upon the Lord alone and not let anyone else affect our faith! If you want to look at sinners, look at ourselves first. Do we also shock others by our behavior? How do we affect the others' faith? In conclusion, let only God affect you

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