"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Mary

        Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I'd like to say something on behalf of our Holy Mother Mary.  I entered the Church as a Protestant and I did experience some difficulty in approaching Mary at the beginning.  (Read my conversion story which started this blog.)  I think it's because as a Protestant, I always prayed to God or Jesus.  Praying to Mary was unthinkable because it would make me feel that I am giving away part of my allegiance to Jesus. 
        Another problem is that Protestants and Catholics understand the word "pray" differently.  They both pray to God... which is fine.  When Catholics pray to Mary or an angel or any other saint, they just talk to them, much like talking to someone over the phone.  Somehow when that someone is already in heaven, the word "talk" gets substituted by the word "pray."  Also, in the Catholic view, all saints in heaven and on earth form one big family.  Asking Mary to pray for us is just like asking another brother or sister in Christ on earth to pray for us.  (God alone, not Mary or anyone else, we worship.)  
        Mother Mary always points out her Son to us, never drawing any attention to herself.  She prays unceasingly for all of us.  She is my partner in doing God's will.  The more I love her, the more I love Jesus.  Mary and Jesus are inseparable and we are inseparable from their love, God's love for us.  So, Happy Mother's Day, Dearest Mom.         

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