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Monday, July 12, 2010

On Abortion

        Abortion is a heavy topic.  Let's first talk about the claim that a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body.  Is this really a right?  The child conceived in the mother's womb is a separate being residing temporarily in the mother's body, not a part of it.  This fact invalidates the claim of having such a "right."  Let's now say that the child in the womb is indeed a part of the mother's body, then abortion becomes the mutilation of one's own body.  This the law must not allow, just as we have the seat-belt fastening law to prevent injury to the body of the motorist.
        Having an abortion is like dropping the bomb from the air ~ when you don't see what really takes place at the other end, it's not that hard to go through.  If God had made the body transparent so that the mother could see exactly what happens to the baby during the abortion process, I doubt if there would be many abortions performed.
        I believe that many of the pro-choice people really haven't thought about the issue yet.  When you hear that a woman shouldn't be told what to do, that sounds pretty "right."  Once at a photo workshop, I met a man who told the group that he just couldn't believe that his own mother was pro-life, holding such an outmoded view.  There are people who really don't see that abortion is murder.  (I myself once thought that divorce was fine.  What's wrong when two people couldn't get along and break up?  I was young and idealistic, loved to go against the conventional ways to show my progressiveness.)  So education is needed.
        One friend I had, a very nice person, held a high position in Planned Parenthood at the time.  We talked about abortion a little bit.  My parting remark to her was that anyone who has experienced the love of God would never consider abortion as an option.  Let's pray for this love to touch all on the other side so that they may see the truth.                 

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