"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Letting Go (in God)

        July 4th is only two days away.  And I am going to start off with a big bang by talking about "letting go".  If you really trust in God, then this is the way to go.
        Yesterday my car got dented.  A car is basically an inanimate object made for my convenience.  There is no point in getting attached to it.  Enjoy using it while you have it, but let it go if it you can't use it anymore for whatever reason.  Sadly, there are people today who "worship" cars more than they care about God.  They spend so much of their time babying their cars.  Wouldn't it be infinitely more profitable to spend some of those hours in prayer?   
        If you lose money, maybe a lot of it, let it go.  All things belong to God and you are only his temporary steward on earth.  Our duty is to use his money wisely for his glory.  If the loss is due to your own negligence or self-centeredness, learn the lesson and move on.  
        What if you lose a loved one?  This could be hard on you emotionally, but think of all of us as belonging to God alone.  (In heaven, we'll all be God's children and our earthly relationships will no longer exist.)  If you're sure that the loved one has gone to the Lord, then you should rejoice instead.  If you're not sure, just pray for the soul and take comfort in that God is always just.  Don't let the joy of knowing that Christ has risen ever be superseded by your sorrow.  In all things, we should just pray our very best and leave the outcome entirely to God.
        The same applies to praying for members of our own family who have strayed away from the faith.  Again, they belong to God and not to us.  Be detached to them so you could be attached to the Lord even more.  He knows exactly what to do.  See this as an opportunity to deepen your own faith.  Pray the Novena to St. Monica for extra help.  
        What if someone wrongs you?  Get things straightened out if you can.  If you can't, then let it go.  After all, it's only God's understanding that counts in the end.  Don't forget that here is a great chance to pray for the wrongdoer.
        Should you forgive someone who has hurt you?  If you've read the Gospels, you would already know the answer from Jesus.  Know that the Lord loves the other person as much as he loves you.  To want to revenge or get even is to go against God's will, let alone the fact it's going to affect your own health, leading to another sin.  To make another person feel bad so that you can feel good ~ what's the point?  Isn't this basically being selfish?  Is this really what "feeling good" is all about?  It would appear even more foolish later if the person upon whom you have inflicted injury doesn't seem to care. Therefore, let go and pray for the person and the situation, giving God a chance to turn things around or work a miracle.
        If something happens and crushes you ego, then rejoice, for God can now occupy more of your heart.  Thank the Lord for teaching you to be more humble.  What others think of you doesn't count one iota in the end.  Your faith should be such that even if everyone else in the whole world ignores you, you still rejoice in the fact that God has died for you.  What can be more uplifting than that?  
        When you are ill, use the opportunity to turn to God even more.  Letting go here means not dwelling on your own illness, not feeling any self-pity, believing that you are in good hands, and focusing your mind on the Lord.  Sometimes you can be so ill that saying prayers is no longer easy.  Just praying the Holy Name "Jesus" or expressing your love for him with your heart is good enough to please him.  When we fall ill, we realize that life is temporary and fragile, and God is our true home and father to return to.
        In any case, let go in God under all circumstances and you'll experience freedom and peace.  We are so limited in every way that not to let go in order to rely upon God is indeed being foolish and sinful too.  Since we have God's love, we can afford to let everything else go.  
        Happy Independence Day!  May this country appreciate God's blessings.


  1. I found your blog courtesy of Mark Shea, and from the little bit I've read I really like it and will be back.

    I was a little troubled by this quote from you:
    "In heaven, we'll all be God's children and our earthly relationships will no longer exist."

    My first thought was that this explains how we can be happy in heaven even if loved ones have not made it there with us. But then a sad thought hit me: if our earthly relationships no longer exist, then we truly do lose our loved ones forever when they die. I lost my dad about a year and a half ago and I take comfort that I will see him again (assuming we both make it). But if our earthly relationship is no more, then he truly is gone forever.

    What are your thoughts?

    Gob bless,

  2. First, don't let anything trouble your heart. (Easily said than done ~ that's why we need God.)

    My dad was gone too. I tried to convert him; but looking back, perhaps I could have done a better job. Again, we are human and God understands the circumstances. The intention always counts. Where is my dad now? I don't want to speculate. It's sufficient for me to know that the Lord is always just.

    When I say that human relationships no longer exist in heaven, I mean in your case, both you and you dad will still be aware of the father-son relationship on earth when you meet up there; but now you are in a way equal, both as sons of the same heavenly Father. You'll probably get a chuckle out of that.

    The main thing is that your attachment to God must supersede all other attachments you have, then the greatest good will come out at the end. The soul will be ready and able to return to God freely when it departs from this world. (Death is just a separation between the physical body and the immortal soul.)

    I don't know how you lost your dad, but continue to pray for him. Even if he doesn't need your intercession anymore, other souls can still benefit from your prayers.

    By the way, I don't like to hear you say things like "assuming we both make it" ~ never limit God's mercy! He so much wants you to make it, so don't sadden him please. Let go all the way!