"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Honesty Is Best

        Today's Gospel reading comes from Matthew 28. To cover up the fact that Jesus had risen, the chief priests gave a large sum of money to the soldiers guarding the tomb to spread the rumor that the disciples came and stole the body while they were asleep. This was to satisfy the governor in case he hears about the news and to keep themselves out of trouble. And the false story was circulated among the Jews. So there were a cover-up, bribery, deceitfulness, self-preservation above all else, and the misleading of others ~ hypocrisy all around. By contrast, when Jesus saw Nathanael (Bartholomew), the soon-to-be Apostle, coming toward him, he said, "Here is a true Israelite. There is no duplicity in him." How blessed it is to be as honest and straightforward as Nathanael was to the Lord!

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