"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Essential Questions to Ask

        Before a couple gets married, it'd be good to know how the two answer certain questions to ensure that they are compatible and will be happy to live together. Here are three questions normally not asked, but could prove to be important. (1) Do you like camping? (Imagine that one enjoys camping outdoors and the other much prefer staying at a hotel when they travel together.) (2) Are you a saver or a dumper? (A saver doesn't like to throw away anything, while a dumper doesn't feel good unless everything not needed, not working, or that takes up too much space is disposed of.) (3) Do you like the contemporary or the traditional style? (When it comes to decorating the home, diametric preferences can easily start a war.)
        I brought all this up because we are all going to meet God one day and it would be wise to prepare some questions in advance to make sure that we will be compatible with God and happy to live with him forever. For example, (1) Do I really believe in God? (2) Did I skip Sunday Mass for no good reason? (3) Do I receive the Holy Eucharist with great reverence?...you can think up the rest. We must be very thorough because we are not just marrying and living with someone for a short time, but are going to be considered to live with God for all eternity!    

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