"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Why I Believe in Christ

        I went through a drawer in my study and found a list of 16 reasons I shared with my two sons in January, 2009, as to why I believe in the God of Christ. I am going to post them here. Of course, those of you who have been chosen by the Lord already will not need any more reasons. But for those who still have some doubts, a list like this can help.
  1. In Christianity, God entered the world as one of us so that we might relate to him. This unique feature distinguishes Christianity from all other religions.
  2. Jesus came and sacrificed himself in our place so that the gap between us sinners and the holy God was bridged – amazing!
  3. Jesus showed that God is pure love, not what we humans would have expected.
  4. God is omnipotent, yet he is meek and humble – an amazing combination of characteristics.
  5. It follows that Jesus is not just our Lord and God, but also our brother and servant.
  6. Jesus came and performed numerous miracles – healing the sick, the crippled, the blind ... even raising the dead. He multiplied loaves and fish, walked on water, calmed the storm ... all incredible feats.
  7. His transfiguration when his face shined like the sun and his clothes turned dazzlingly white was awesome.
  8. He forgave sins as only God can.
  9. He loves us to the extreme, teaching us to love even our enemies and never stop forgiving others who have offended us – so radical that it seemed almost foolish.
  10. He forgave those who crucified him with absolutely no hatred.
  11. Of course, there was his Resurrection, which alone is sufficient for me to accept him as God.
  12. He challenges us to love him above everything else, including even our own families. This makes sense only if he is truly God.
  13. If Jesus is good enough for all the great saints and martyrs, he should be good enough for me.
  14. My personal experience as a believer firmly confirms that I am believing in the true God. No one else can possibly grant me the peace, freedom, and joy I experience.
  15. There have been so many amazing miracles occurring worldwide, witnessing to how God loves us.
  16. Last but not least, Jesus was the one who fulfilled the hundreds of prophecies found in the Old Testament!
Conclusion: We have an incredible, extraordinary God, deserving all of our love and trust.

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