"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Friday, June 26, 2015

To All Christians

        This morning's big headlines on BBC News: "Deadly attack on Tunisia beach," "US Supreme Court backs gay marriage," "Man decapitated in French attack," "Kuwait mosque hit by suicide blast," "Militants storm Somalia military base," "IS 'kills 120 civilians' in Kobane." More than enough bad news! The US Supreme Court got it wrong on the abortion issue and got it wrong again. Anytime you leave God out of consideration, you are bound to fall. The world does not know or does not want to know the true God anymore. In today's Gospel reading from Matthew 8, a leper approached Jesus, did him homage, and said, "Lord, if you wish, you can make me clean." How many of us today have that kind of attitude? All Christians need to know that it's do-or-die time to submit themselves to Christ without reservation. We cannot serve both God and mammon. Rather than thinking about making money all the time, set your heart on entering heaven first by serving God with all your heart. There will be final judgment and we shall reap only what we now sow. Pray for the salvation and conversion of all souls unceasingly, for God depends upon those who love him.   

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