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Sunday, October 13, 2019

**Catholic Failure in Brazil

       Here is a comment from Teddy on Michael Matt's video I last posted that's worth reading.

         I live in Brazil. The Brazilian Catholic Church is losing their indigenous people to the Evangelicals for the simple reason that the Indians are not stupid, they are fed up of so-called priests who teach them Marxist revolution, hatred against the oppressors, the white oligarchy who is there to submit them and exploit them. That is all they teach them. The Catholic missionaries and priests are totally Marxist and revolutionary in character, ideology and praxis. So here the Evangelicals come, and teach them of a loving Saviour who died to save them from eternal death and hell, and who is there for them, who loves them personally and who has shed His holy blood for them to give them eternal life. Does this sound familiar to any one of you? They also bring practical help, not marxist ideology and preaching upheaval against the oppressors. They teach them skills, jobs, they house them, care for them, bring them doctors, show them love and bind them in closely knit communities based on prayer and communal living where they are taught Christian virtues and holiness. And you know what? Our Indians love that. Because they want God, they want to pray to an Almighty, All-loving Saviour who loves them personally and communally. Shame on Brazilian Catholics for having transformed the Catholic pure teaching into a Third World Revolutionary Manifesto to fight Capitalism. The Indians don't simply care for this. And they do well. So, yes, 80% of Amazon Indians have become Evangelical Christians. And many of them have a daily routine of prayer, holy living and love for neighbour. What about the other 20% remaining in the Catholic Church? They are filled with revolutionary zeal, anger and hatred for those "capitalist pigs" who are there to "destroy" their "perfect Eden-like egalitarian utopia" which has never existed to begin with.

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