"Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Into Deeper Union

        Almost two years ago, I started attending daily Mass early in the morning.  Now, I had been one who loved to stay up late at night and get up late in the morning.  This is a habit that many of us have and is extremely hard to change.  I started to go to Mass because I was seeking a deeper union with God.  Well, I received so much peace and joy from the Lord and the daily Mass became indispensable.  Naturally, I now go to bed and get up early every day.  With God's help, turning around was no sweat.  Yes, I really believe that with God, you can accomplish anything.  That is why we need him. 
        Receiving the Lord every day has been an overwhelming experience.  Who am I that the Lord should enter to dwell within?  Of course, if you are willing to open your heart to welcome him, he's always glad to accept your invitation.  Yes, the Lord seeks your heart.  Imagine becoming united with your creator, who is LOVE, physically and spiritually in such an intimate manner!  He is the source of all graces and he'll give them all to you for the asking.  What joy!  What love!  What a privilege!
        I'll try to share my experiences and the many thoughts and insights received.  For example, let me go back to the days when I was still searching.  There were moments in which I sensed briefly the reality of God when I was reading or thinking about him.  These moments lasted not even a split second.  After I became a Catholic, these moments of feeling God's presence came and went, but sometimes they lasted for a day or even over a week.  Now that I've achieved a much deeper union with the Lord, my awareness of his presence stays with me practically all the time.  I now see the world in a totally different light.     

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